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Released in February 2023

Customers of the biggest personal current account providers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland were surveyed independently as part of a regulatory requirement to find out if they would suggest their service to friends and family. The findings reflect the opinions of the respondents who were clients.


Northern Ireland Results

Great Britain Results

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Aldgate Business Account FAQs

How soon can I set up a business account?

Simply complete a brief form to quickly and easily open an Aldgate Business account. Your application for a business account will need to be reviewed before the on-boarding procedure can begin.


The speed of the onboarding process will depend on your company’s complexity and the provided papers.

You are unable to proceed or have been waiting for longer than a week. Please fill out a support request so we can assist you.

To open a business account, what do I need?

We will require the following information before opening your Aldgate Business account:


– A confirmation of your business’s address
– A confirmation of your working address 
– A brief explanation of the nature of your business and what it does and where it is located

– Which Aldgate Business plan you’ll begin with 
– How you plan to utilize your business account 
– Which Aldgate company plan you’ll start with 
– Your intended usage for your company account – Identification documentation and verification.


Starting out is simple.

How can I sign up for an Aldgate business account?

It is simple and quick to open an Aldgate Business account.


1. Spend just 15 minutes filling out a little online form.
2. As part of your business onboarding, we’ll assess your application for a business account.

3. Your account is now active after we have onboarded your company. It’s that easy.

We might need to get in touch with you to clarify some information or leave you a message on your application to walk you through the necessary paperwork.

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