Our savings accounts assist you in making future plans, whether you need access to your money now or not.

Think about ways to increase your wealth.

Regular eSaver

Your Aldgate current accounts are used to fund your online regular savings.
  • AER/gross (fixed) of 5.00% for 12 months.

  • By setting up a standing order from your Aldgate current account, you can save up to £200 every month.

  • Take money out of your Regular eSaver by transferring it to a current account at Aldgate.

  • Utilize online or mobile banking to manage your account.

  • If you deposit £200 each month for a full year with no withdrawals, you will get your original deposit plus up to £65.01 in interest, depending on the date of your standing order.

  • One Regular eSaver is all you are allowed.


Edge Saver for Aldgate

Exclusive online savings account for holders of Aldgate Edge current accounts
  • 00/ 3.93% (variable) interest on balances up to £4,000 (includes 0.50 (variable) bonus rate for the first 12 months from opening).
  • Manage your account through Online and Mobile Banking.


Instant access to a savings account online that is not subject to fees
  • 2.00% AER/ gross (variable) for 12 months.

  • Save from £1 up to £2 million.

  • Manage your account through Online and Mobile Banking.

Everyday Saver

Simple savings account with immediate and flexible access
  • 0.85% AER / gross (variable).

  • Save from £1 up to £2 million.

  • Manage your account through online, mobile, branch or telephone.

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